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Looking for accommodation? We offer you a wide range of options according to your specific needs.

Bear in mind that it is very important for you to book your host family before your arrival so we will have it ready for you. Otherwise we cannot guarantee any availability.

Further details will be shown ahead.

What does “host family accommodation” mean?

When we talk about “host families”, we usually refer to both conventional families or single women who want to share their homes and enjoy the company of foreign students while they speak Spanish to them. Be aware! They will treat you like one of their own.

Without any doubt, this is the best combination: to take a professional language course and at the same time experience the real Spanish life. In no time you will be picking up common expressions and idiomatic phrases. We are completely convinced that you will feel very much at home and will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with the independence of having your own key.

Where are they located?

We guarantee that your home will be no more than a 25 minute walk away from the school. Many of our host families live within a 10 minute walk from IH Murcia school.

Are host families reliable?

Our staff personally interviews all the families before placing students in their homes. We can match them with a family and a roommate – if required - with whom we think they will be compatible.

Our families accommodating students do not run this scheme just like a family business; they have a personal interest in intercultural contact, and you will be accepted and treated as a family member.

What kind of atmosphere can I expect?

The family will speak only Spanish (our families are trained to have foreigners in their homes) and serve typical Spanish food. We have collaborated with many of these families for three or more years without problems and we feel confident that you will be satisfied.

Type of accommodation in hosting families

You can select a single or a double room and have a choice between full board, with three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or half board, with two meals a day (breakfast and lunch or dinner).

Please note that double room is only available to students coming together.

How do I book?

The reservation is made on a night basis. Check in from 14,00 h and check out until 16,00 h. Please let us know any requests.

All students should inform IH Murcia or the host family in advance of their approximate time of arrival. In the event that one of the previously mentioned parties is not contacted, IH Murcia will not be held responsible for greeting or picking up the student upon arrival.

Host family accommodation fees do include once a week laundry, bed linens and the number of meals requested but no ironing services. Students should bring along towels with them.

For last minute registrations we cannot guarantee to fulfill required preferences. In the event that a student is not satisfied with the assigned accommodation and he/she is rightfully justified in his claim, he/she will be allowed to change to another accommodation of the same type.

All students living with a Spanish host family must notify IH MURCIA well in advance of any special dietary requirements or health problems.

What rules do I have to follow?

IH Murcia will provide the student’s host family information within the week prior to the starting course dates to avoid any uncomfortable last minute cancellation or changes.

Try to accept and understand the habits and customs of your family. The more you share with them, the richer your experience will be.

If you intend to arrive at a different hour than you initially told us, inform us in advance.

Do not expect too much luxury in your room; you will find the essential things you need (bed, chair, table and a cupboard). It is advisable to keep your room tidy in order to allow the family to regularly clean and change the bed linen.

You can come to an agreement with them on certain cleaning days.

Each family has their own eating times, so you have to adjust to their timetable. If you come at a different time or don't come at all, always inform the family in advance; If your breakfast time is at a different time to the family’s one, they will leave you breakfast ready the night before.

You are not allowed to prepare your own meals.

If you want to change your accommodation after arrival, you have to tell the school administration.

Always apply common sense but:

  • If you want to leave something in the fridge, it is advisable to ask the host family beforehand.
  • If you come home late at night, try to be as silent as possible.
  • If you break something in your family’s home, you will be asked to replace it.
  • You are not allowed to wash and iron your clothes by yourself.
  • You can only use the phone for receiving calls.
  • Try not to waste water and light; there is a huge concern about water consumption in Murcia.
  • The family living room is not always the best place for studying or doing homework. We suggest you use your own room for this.
  • Try to avoid using family belongings without their permission.

Take care of your family home as you would take care of your own home.


Other useful information

If a you decide that you want to postpone or take a break from any course for unjustified personal reasons, you will loose any right to a monetary refund, and the course/accommodation will not be made up. If there is any problem with your accommodation it is imperative that you inform school staff immediately in order to find a solution. There will NOT be any administration charge for the change the first time; after that, 50 € will be charged for administration fees.

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