activity programme spanish school spainEnjoy our activities while learning Spanish

We know that students of Spanish are becoming increasingly interested in Spanish language courses hoping to have a wide variety of activities to choose from.

What would you like to do in Murcia? Just name it!

If you would like to know what´s on this week please visit our blog here and have a look at our weekly activity plan.

All the activities are carried out in Spanish to achieve a perfect mix of fun and learning about new things while learning Spanish. 

And remember, it's the perfect way to make friends!


In Murcia we have an excellent reputation for being a destination for open-air enthusiasts, also we have such a wide variety of cultural and social offerings.

We could talk for hours about the amount of exciting activities our students enjoy, but we would rather show you their faces. They seem to have fun! 

Would you like to be one of them? 

activity programme spanish school spain