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spanish school spain

Spanish courses in Murcia: special offers

You can have a look at our Spanish courses list on your right menu, but here is some basic information on our Spanish courses in Murcia:

Lessons are 50 minutes long and are taught from Monday to Friday.

If you wish to do so, at the end of the course you can take a grading test. Just let us know and we will award you with a diploma accrediting the grade that you have achieved.  

spanish courses spain We provide what you are paying for! spanish courses spain


Please click here to download our full course catalogue and our home page for special offers.


spanish school spain

The success of any language school stems from the quality of the teachers and the methods they use. That is why we count on a team of enthusiastic professionals, which, above all, aim to teach our students in an effective, enjoyable and professional manner. But what probably stands out the most is the contact between teachers and students. Believe it or not, a German student married one of our teachers and now they are happily living in Germany!

Our staff are selected on their ability to listen, their friendliness, enthusiasm and patience, but most of all for their love of teaching.

Many of them have been with us for a considerable time and are highly experienced in our effective way of teaching Spanish as foreign language. And they have taken training courses in INSTITUTO CERVANTES.

We don´t only use five senses in our teaching but two extra ones, common sense and sense of humour!


spanish school spain

We use an interactive method of teaching based on learning by practice. This means that grammar is covered but, as much as possible, taught using practical situations. Throughout the course you will receive the didactic materials needed.

Our textbooks are composed of a series of units with integrated homework exercises and practical activities through which you will, almost without noticing, learn to understand and speak Spanish. These units guide you through the language in a structured and progressive manner.

Every student is encouraged to speak Spanish from the very first day, and, in fact, they do so!

Would you like to be one of them?

spanish school spain

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