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Our course director, former Principal Examiner for Cambridge & Oxford Board, designed this course to meet the specific needs of A Level Spanish students under the different Examining Boards of the UK.

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This Spanish course in Murcia is based on 20 group lessons per week and and 5 extra lessons per week. The contents and main objectives are assimilation of grammatical and lexical structures through specific exercises, improving speaking skills through prepared presentations and debates in which you´ll give your own opinion and organize your thoughts.

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  • Starting dates: every Monday.
  • Length: from 1 to 36 weeks.
  • Number of lessons: 25 per week.
  • Levels: all.
  • Max. in class: 10 students; no minimum number of students required.
  • Class times: from 10 h. to 14.30 h. (subject to variation)

Please contact us for further information and specific course content. 


Our courses can be taken for periods of time different than those. Please contact us for further information and don´t forget to read our general conditions on bookings & prices. Remember there is a 39 € inscription fee and 37 € course material in all courses. All taxes included.

Weeks Lessons Euros
1 25 290
extra week 25 250



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a level spanish exam preparation

a level spanish exam preparation