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How many classrooms are there at the school?

We have 3 classrooms here plus 6 more in another building across the street.

How many teachers are there? How many students are in one room?

There are 4-6 teachers on a regular basis although our teaching staff is bigger, depending on the season. Regularly we have 5 to 6 students per class throughout the year.


How many computers are there at the school?

We have computers that can be used from 09,30 to 21,00 h when available from Monday to Friday. You can bring your laptop since we have free WIFI access. Book your time slot at the reception. We also offer special prices in an Internet Café. Get our STUDENTS´CARD and receive special discounts on many items, from pizza and restaurants to books and much more.


Does everybody get a free exclusive IH MURCIA t-shirt?

No, only students taking a 4 week course or longer. However you can buy one for only 15 €.


Is there a specific meeting point for students?

Usually we meet in front of the school.


Are there any activities? Any sport activities or concerts?

Yes, we organize a lot of activities such as going out for a drink, visits to museums, guided city tours, excursions, dinners, concerts, etc. We also go scuba diving in summer, and we love it!!!

Check our weekly activity guide in the office or visit our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. It is necessary to reserve a spot on the notice board by the reception.

And don´t forget you can bring your friends or relatives.


Do we have any class material?

Yes, a course book + CD, an exercise book and additional materials which cost 35 €. If you would like to have a book + CD of another level the price is 20 €; the exercise book costs an additional 15 €. You can also get our IH MURCIA GRAMMAR BOOK FOR LANGUAGE LEVELS for only 15 €.


Can we print or send faxes?

You can print documents in black/white for 0,20 € each page. The price to send faxes is 0,30 € each page throughout Spain, 0,50 € throughout Europe and 1 € to the rest of the world. You can call any national land or mobile number and receive any international calls.


Can we borrow books or films from the library?

Of course, you can check them out here or take them home for a week. It´s free but we will ask for a 5 € per item which is refunded when you return the items.


Can I use the WC/restroom?

It´s next to room 103. Go ahead and use it at your convenience.


What can we do during the break?

You can have a coffee with the other students and teachers… or you can do your homework if you haven’t done it yet!


Is it allowed to bring food or coffee to class?

Food normally does not smell good in class so it may annoy your fellow students. We suggest you eat your food after class.


If I miss one class, can it be made up?

I´m afraid only you are responsible for your attendance, so the answer is no. Only PRIVATE classes can be rescheduled as long as you let us know at least 24 hours in advance. This is always dependent on room and teacher availability.


Can I pay with a credit card?

In order to avoid uncomfortable card frauds we only accept cash and bank transfers.


When do I have to pay for extra lessons?

All courses must be paid in advance, so you will have to pay before your extra lessons start.


Where is the closest ATM or cash point?

You can find one round the corner, in La Merced Street, in front of the university.


Is it possible to eat out on a budget?

Yes, there are a lot of inexpensive tapas restaurants as well as inexpensive vegetarian restaurants near the school. We can recommend some of them, but remember to buy our STUDENTS´ CARD for special discounts.


Where can I park my car?

Being located in the city centre it is really difficult to find a parking place in the area. There is public parking right at the end of Enrique Villar Street (1 €/hour) but we suggest looking for free parking in the city. One is right at the end of Paseo del Malecón and another one by the old Oficina de Extranjería building, both around 30 mins walking distance from the school.


Don´t you have our students´ discount card?

Students save money everyday with our students’ card on food, travel, school supplies and more. Sign up today (5 €) and start saving on everything you need from textbooks to pizza, laptops to t-shirts and everything in between. Exclusive for IHM students only.


end faq

Please feel free to ask anything you might need at reception. We will do our best to help you!


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